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Casement Windows

At Bradley Scott we're proud to install the Swish Twentyfour-Seven system. 

One of the newest and most modern systems available the Twentyfour-seven system features an incredibly energy efficient 5 chambered design as standard. Whether you need to go for a classic casement design or a more contemporary tilt 'n' turn style the Twentyfour-Seven system offers the solution you require. 

We offer a choice of white, light oak or rosewood as standard or you can request white internally with a choice of foiled colours externally. 

The choice of glass you opt for will make a massive difference to the appearance of your window. Options include frosted, etched or stained glass and the option of georgian bars or leaded glass can transform the look of your windows. 

You also need to consider the range of styles and colours available for locks and handles; we have a wide range of hardware availabel, all offering excellent levels of security. 
Whatever you choose you can be sure that we'll work with you to help you decide what's best for you and your home

Enhanced window security    
As standard all our windows are fitted with either shootbolts or roto pincer high security sash. All windows are internally beaded with choice of window beads

As well as brilliant white we also offer Light oak, Rosewood,Ebony both sides or white internally.

Glazing options

  • Astragal Bars : Externally and internally fitted bars give an authentic look to any window
  • Leadwork : Handcrafted lead patterns available in diamond rectangular, Queen Anne, border leads, also available is antique lead and square / rectangular lead with soldered joints.
  • Internall Georgian Bar : Internally fitted bars available in 18 or 25mm. Various styles include curved hoops grid pattern and single bars.
  • Obscure Glass : 18 Different patterns to choice from with various levels of obscurity
  • Bevelled Designs : Handcrafted using slim-line bevelled glass standard or bespoke options available.
  • Furniture : All casement windows available with white gold or polished chrome handles

Please download our informative brochures and guides:

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This document tells you all about our full range of casement windows and how they can make your home look great and save you money.

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